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You’ve seemingly heard the cliche that “There at all times a proper instrument for the job”. Effectively, the identical holds true for the HSC the place “there’s at all times a proper phrase for the job!” Even while you’re not finding out English, understanding the phrases utilized in your numerous topics will enable you perceive what is anticipated of you.

Need to learn to reply to NESA Key Phrases?

How To Respond To NESA Key Words CTA

When answering HSC questions, it’s important you perceive how you’re anticipated to reply. NESA has offered a glossary of key phrases for college students to discuss with. As a scholar, you must learn by way of this glossary to familiarise themselves with NESA’s definitions of those phrases so you understand how to answer questions and directions.

Account for State causes for, report on. Give an account of: narrate a sequence of occasions or transactions
Analyse Establish elements and the connection between them; draw out and relate implications
Apply Use, utilise, make use of in a specific scenario
Recognize Make a judgement concerning the worth of
Assess Make a judgement of worth, high quality, outcomes, outcomes or dimension
Calculate Verify/decide from given details, figures or data
Make clear Clarify or plain
Classify Organize or embrace in courses/classes
Evaluate Present how issues are comparable or totally different
Assemble Make; construct; put collectively objects or arguments
Distinction Present how issues are totally different or reverse
Critically (analyse/consider) Add a level or degree of accuracy depth, data and understanding, logic, questioning, reflection and high quality to (analyse/consider)
Deduce Draw conclusions
Outline State that means and establish important qualities
Exhibit Present by instance
Describe Present traits and options
Focus on Establish points and supply factors for and/or towards
Distinguish Recognise or notice/point out as being distinct or totally different from; to notice variations between
Consider Make a judgement based mostly on standards; decide the worth of
Look at Inquire into
Clarify Relate trigger and impact; make the relationships between issues evident; present why and/or how
Extract Select related and/or acceptable particulars
Extrapolate Infer from what is understood
Establish Recognise and title
Interpret Draw that means from
Examine Plan, inquire into and draw conclusions about
Justify Help an argument or conclusion
Define Sketch on the whole phrases; point out the principle options of
Predict Recommend what could occur based mostly on accessible data
Suggest Put ahead (for instance a standpoint, thought, argument, suggestion) for consideration or motion
Recall Current remembered concepts, details or experiences
Advocate Present causes in favour
Recount Retell a sequence of occasions
Summarise Categorical, concisely, the related particulars
Synthesise Placing collectively numerous components to make an entire


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