Do a Pinkalicious® Activity at Home for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day gives us all a chance to tell other people in our lives how much they mean to us. Here’s a nice activity inspired by our partners at PBS Kids that you can do with your child to put a smile on their friends’ faces this Valentine’s Day.

Recently, teachers at Kiddie Academy of Abingdon in Maryland, read aloud from the book, Pinkalicious: The Pinkamazing Storybook Collection, by Victoria Kann. The book features the whimsical and effervescent PBS Kids character, Pinkalicious.

After reading the story, the teacher discussed with the class what it means to be a good friend to someone. They went around the room and each person chose one friend. Then they completed the sentence, “I like ____ because ____.”

This is so easy for you to do with your child to create Valentine’s Day messages for all their friends. The activity combines literacy with a discussion about friendship, and is a great way to practice using complete sentences, speaking clearly and using correct grammar.

Kiddie Academy is a proud underwriter of the Pinkalicious & Peterific television show. You can find games, videos and more fun activities on the Pinkalicious page on

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