The Prime 5 Suggestions To Max Out Your Chemistry Trial Marks

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You could have spent hours memorising the dot factors to your HSC Chemistry examination and practising mole calculations… however how’s your examination approach? A lot of college students know the content material again to entrance and inside out, however they nonetheless handle to lose marks as a result of they haven’t completed what the markers need. Don’t be that man! Listed here are the highest 5 tricks to be sure to max out your Chemistry Trial marks.

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1. Analyse the Query Rigorously

Chemistry isn’t English, however Chemistry examination questions can nonetheless be just a few sentences lengthy. It’s very easy to overlook an necessary phrase or overlook to say one thing necessary, particularly once you’re writing a protracted response.

What to do:

Underline all of the key phrases within the query. Put a field across the key phrase. If you’ve completed writing your response, verify that you simply’ve addressed every underlined phrase.

On the finish of the examination, if in case you have time left over, return and verify that you simply’ve addressed all of the components for every query.


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Widespread issues that college students miss:

  • “Assess” and “consider”: be sure to’ve included an evaluation or analysis in your reply. You’ll nearly all the time lose a mark should you haven’t included one in your response. Write the phrase “evaluation” or “analysis” in your reply clearly so the marker can award you the mark simply.
  • “Present examples”, “embrace equations”: give at the least two examples or equations.
  • Multi-part questions (e.g. with two key phrases): be sure to don’t overlook to reply a part of the query.
  • “Clarify” means you might want to reply close to scientific ideas and relate them, not simply describe what’s occurring.



2. Plan Your Lengthy Responses Earlier than Writing Them

Lengthy responses could be laborious to write down, particularly should you picked Chemistry since you thought you could possibly keep away from writing essays! It’s necessary to plan your solutions earlier than writing them, for a number of causes:

  1. Planning your solutions at first of the examination provides you extra time to recollect belongings you missed, or decide up concepts for what to incorporate from different questions within the examination
  2. In the event you did miss one thing, you’ll be able to insert it in your plan somewhat than attempt to discover room within the reply area to squeeze it in
  3. It’s a lot simpler to verify that your summarised plan addresses the query, somewhat than attempting to see in case your multi-page reply addresses it
  4. Typically for longer 6-7 mark responses, you might want to “present a response that’s coherent and logical” to maximise marks – which means no waffling, or padding your reply out with unrelated info and hoping you get marks for it!

Plans for lengthy responses must be fairly complete – three-word plans gained’t be very helpful for a 6-7 mark query.


What to do:

Initially of the writing time, undergo and analyse the questions within the paper. For any questions which are 4 or extra marks, assemble an in depth dot level plan. Then begin writing your solutions.



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3. Don’t Spherical Off Too Early In Calculations

Rounding a quantity makes it much less correct.

In the event you spherical off a quantity, then carry out extra mathematical operations on it, your reply will get much less and fewer correct.

Take this mole calculation, for instance:

25.0 mL of 0.353 M hydrochloric acid required 21.4 mL of sodium hydroxide resolution to neutralise. What was the focus of the sodium hydroxide?

HCl(aq) + NaOH(aq) → NaCl(aq) + H2O(aq)

With out rounding

With rounding

n(HCl) = 0.353 x 0.025 = 8.825 x 10-3 mol

n(NaOH) = 8.825 x 10-3 mol

c(NaOH) = (8.825 x 10-3) / 0.0214 = 0.412 M (3 s.f.)

n(HCl) = 0.353 x 0.025 = 8.825 x 10-3 mol = 8.83 x 10-3 mol (3 s.f.)

n(NaOH) = 8.83 x 10-3 mol (3 sig fig)

c(NaOH) = (8.83 x 10-3) / 0.0214 = 0.413 M (3 s.f.)

That is significantly necessary in pH calculations, the place taking the log10 of a rounded quantity could make your reply very totally different!

What to do:

Embody 2 – 3 extra digits within the intermediate calculation steps than you’ll ultimately want in your remaining reply. You may also use your calculator’s storage features to maintain the unrounded numbers, however it’s a good suggestion to write down down the unrounded numbers each every so often in your working so it’s simpler to verify your working later.


4. Embody Subscripts In Chemical Equations

Some faculties will deduct an entire mark should you omit a single subscript in your balanced chemical equation! It feels actually unfair, however in some conditions, it’s crucial – you’ll be able to stand safely subsequent to a big beaker of aqueous HCl, however you don’t wish to inhale a big amount of HCl(g)!


Don’t toss away your marks!


Pay attention to hints within the query about what state the substance is in:

  • “Answer” = aqueous
  • “0.1 M” = aqueous or fuel
  • “Vapour” or “bubbles” = fuel
  • “Powder,” “pellets,” or “precipitate” = strong

Generally, the states you’ll give in equations for the HSC are for the substances at 25 °C and 100 kPa.

In the event you can’t work out a selected state, assume again to the properties of gear at room temperature that you simply discovered in 12 months 11. For instance, ionic compounds are likely to have excessive melting factors, so they’re nearly all the time strong or aqueous at room temperature. There are solely 2 liquid components at room temperature and 11 gases (are you able to bear in mind them?).

What to do:

Make a behavior of writing the related subscript instantly after you write every time period within the chemical equation. You may assume that you simply’ll return and add subscripts later… however it’s very straightforward to overlook.


5. Revise Normal Chemistry Abilities

Chemistry expertise aren’t clearly within the module dot factors, however there are all the time a considerable variety of questions in Chemistry exams that check your capacity to “science effectively”.

Be sure to’re aware of:

  • How to attract graphs – (Which axis goes the place? What scale must you use? What symbols do you employ? Do you draw a straight or curved line of finest match? How do you label your axes? How do you present working? How do you present areas the place you’ve extrapolated?)
  • How to attract diagrams – (How do you label? Are your diagrams massive sufficient? Neat sufficient? When do you employ arrows? How a lot element do you want?)
  • discuss first-hand investigations – (What do validity, reliability and accuracy imply? How do you enhance these for every particular investigation? What security protocols are acceptable? What are the anticipated outcomes? What do you might want to embrace in a process? Which variables should be managed? What are the sources of error?)




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