Electromagnetism | HSC Physics Research Information Half 2

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Are you scuffling with Electromagnetism for HSC Physics? Don’t fear, on this article, we’ll clarify the important thing ideas you want to know to fulfil the NESA Physics Outcomes.


Electromagnetism | HSC Physics Research Information Half 2

Yr 12 Physics college students discover the Electromagnetism module conceptually difficult. As such, college students wrestle to offer scientific responses which are logical and sequential as required to acquire full marks in examination questions. In Half 2 of our HSC Physics examine information, the Matrix Science Crew explains the important thing ideas on this subject utilizing flowcharts to simplify complicated processes.

Some flowcharts from the Matrix Yr Physics Idea E-book are offered beneath that can assist you write higher scientific responses. Should you missed it, don’t overlook to take a look at Half 1 of the HSC Physics examine information on Superior Mechanics.


1. The Motor Impact

The motor impact is a phenomenon the place a present carrying conductor inside a magnetic area experiences a power. Though it might not appear like it at first look, this motor impact is truly a consequence of the Lorentz power:


2. Operation of a DC Motor

Essentially the most well-known utility of the motor impact is the operation of a DC Motor, one thing college students should be taught to elucidate on this module. The trick to understanding the DC Motor is to grasp there are two key parts: the motor impact producing a torque, and the split-ring commutator permitting steady rotation in the identical route. That is proven within the flowchart beneath:


3. Electromagnetic Induction

College students study Faraday’s Legislation which explains how electrical potential variations (voltages) and currents could be generated. One of many extra widespread examples includes a shifting conductor in a magnetic area, a phenomenon which is as soon as once more derived from the Lorentz power:


4. Faraday’s and Lenz’s Legal guidelines

Faraday’s Legislation informs us of the circumstances beneath which an EMF and present are induced, and Lenz’s Legislation outlines the route of the induced present. They’re usually grouped collectively when explaining the response of a circuit to a change in magnetic flux:



5. Electromagnetic Braking

A helpful implementation of Faraday’s and Lenz’s legal guidelines is electromagnetic braking, which makes use of induced currents to sluggish the movement of a steel wheel. The method is defined beneath – crucially this includes no bodily contact between the brake and the wheel.


6. Induction Motors

A second system that makes use of Faraday’s and Lenz’s legal guidelines is the induction motor, which makes use of induced eddy currents to provide movement of the rotor with out the necessity for slip rings/break up ring commutator. The method of inducing rotation is printed beneath:


7. Electrical Mills

The precept of electromagnetic induction can also be used to generate electrical energy through an electrical generator. In some elements, these operate within the reverse option to motors: a torque is utilized to the rotor, and an alternating present is extracted. The method is printed within the flowchart beneath:


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