12 months 11 Biology: Organisation Of Residing Issues Apply Questions

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Take a look at your information of yr 11 Biology Module 2 by answering the next 10 Organisation of Residing Issues questions.

The solutions are on the backside of the web page.




Query 1

Choose the proper hierarchical organisation of multicellular organisms.

(a) Cell > Organ > Tissue > Organ system > Organism

(b) Tissue > Cells> Organ > Organ system > Organism

(c) Cell > Tissue > Organ > Organ system > Organism

(d) Organ > Cell > Tissue > Organ system > Organism


Query 2

Evaluate the motion of drugs inside xylem and phloem tissue.


Query 3

Which of the next is a part of the fuel change system present in vegetation?

(a) Stomata

(b) Roots

(c) Lenticels

(d) All the above


Query 4

Describe the dentition and digestive tract of a named herbivore.


Query 5

Utilizing examples, define the distinction between unicellular, colonial and multicellular organisms.


Query 6

Determine three frequent respiratory options for environment friendly fuel change in animals.


Query 7

Which of the next radioisotopes can be utilized to hint the merchandise of photosynthesis in vegetation?

(a) Technetium-99m

(b) Copper-64

(c) Oxygen-18

(d) Iron-59


Query 8

Full the desk to stipulate the perform of assorted digestive constructions in animals.

Construction Perform
Small intenstine
Giant intenstine
Rectum and anus


Query 9

Describe an open circulatory system and a closed circulatory system.


Query 10

Which of the next finest describes the modifications to blood composition within the lungs?

(a) Each oxygen and carbon dioxide go away the blood

(b) Each oxygen and carbon dioxide enter the blood

(c) Oxygen enters the blood whereas carbon dioxide leaves the blood

(d) Oxygen leaves the blood whereas carbon dioxide enters the blood



Query 1

Cell > Tissue > Organ > Organ system > Organism


Query 2

Xylem Phloem
Materials Transports water and minerals Transports sugars
Motion Unidirectional motion (from roots to shoots) Bidirectional motion
Transport Passive transport Passive and lively transport
Principle Transpiration-adhesion-cohesion-tension (TACT) principle Stress-flow speculation / supply to sink


Query 3

(d) All the above


Query 4

Examples embrace pink kangaroo.


Distinguished incisors for the preliminary reducing of vegetation. Lacks canine tooth however has giant flat molars and premolars for the breakdown of the powerful cellulose present in grass.

Digestive tract:

Lengthy and sophisticated. Has a caecum for the fermentation of cellulose by intestine microorganisms.


Query 5

Unicellular organisms comparable to micro organism are made up of 1 cell. The cell can perform all the required features within the organism.

Multicellular organisms comparable to animals and vegetation include many specialised cells that work collectively to carry out completely different duties within the physique. The cells can not survive on their very own if separated.

Colonial organisms comparable to Pandorina seek advice from a colony of single-celled organisms residing collectively. The cells within the colony can survive on their very own if separated.


Query 6

  1. Wealthy blood provide for the fast transport of gases across the physique.
  2. Giant floor space to maximise diffusion price.
  3. Skinny and moist membranes to permit gases to simply diffuse throughout membranes and into the blood.


Query 7



Query 8

Construction Perform
  • Breaks meals down mechanically with the assistance of tooth.
  • Breaks down meals chemically with the assistance of enzymes in saliva.
  • Mechanical breakdown of meals will increase the floor space of meals permitting enzymes to behave on it.
  • Breaks down meals chemically by secreting hydrochloric acid and pepsin enzyme.
  • Mechanical breakdown of meals via contraction of the abdomen will increase floor space in touch with acid and pepsin enzyme.
Small gut
  • Absorption of vitamins from meals facilitated by inner projections known as villi that improve floor space for an optimum absorption.
Giant gut
  •  Absorption of water and nutritional vitamins.
Rectum and anus
  • Shops waste merchandise of digestion (faeces) till eradicated from the physique via the anus.


Query 9

Open circulatory methods

  • Have open-ended vessels which might be stuffed with blood-like fluid known as haemolymph.
  • The haemolymph is pumped by a easy tube coronary heart into the physique cavity.
  • Haemolymph flows straight over organs.
  • Trade of vitamins and wastes happens when cells and tissues work together with the haemolymph.
  • Haemolymph does NOT transport gases.
  • This method is usually seen in invertebrates comparable to bugs.


Closed circulatory methods

  • A coronary heart pumps blood containing gases, vitamins and wastes across the physique via closed vessels.
  • Arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the center.
  • Veins carry de-oxygenated blood from the physique again to the center.
  • Capillaries join veins and arteries collectively. That is the place nutrient and waste change happen.
  • This method is usually seen in vertebrates comparable to mammals.


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